I moved into the hayloft of a stable to help take care of 18 horses. I am grateful for those months of getting up before dawn, sitting in the jeep outside the stable, and writing as the night gave way to the day. Sometimes in the early morning hours as the birds began to sing, the stable looked like an Ark to me, reminding me of the story of Noah, a man who was inspired to build something and he did, trusting in inspired guidance.

My family used to listen to a “Noah” comedy routine when we were driving in the car. My dad always got a kick out of Noah’s response to God’s request to build an Ark — “Yeah.. Right!” And there were even more laughs when God responds, “Noah… how long can you tread water?”

I loved those days of exploring Life in the stable and learning so much by paying attention to the details with a heart seeking for answers. It is a freedom that I always treasure.

“stablegirl” was a fun email name that popped into thought as I first set up my own email account when I moved into the stable. Now it is a precious reminder of what I learned while dwelling in the stable.

In everything I do I find gratitude to my dad and mom who showed me how to love to seek with all my heart, and all my soul, and all my mind.

Thank you to all those beautiful people who grace my path with love and patience, showing me what it is to truly love thy neighbor as thyself.

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